Self-funded Health Plans for Community Banks.

Simple, predictable and transparent, Advantage Health Plans Trust has been the community bankers’ health plan of choice for more than 40 years.

Health Coverage that Fits

Better choices for your people, better health outcomes, and a better bottom line.


Advantage isn’t insurance – it’s a self-funded multi-employer welfare arrangement (MEWA). That’s where companies in the same industry pool resources, assume risk and provide benefits for their employees.


Advantage is owned by its members and governed by an elected board of trustees who participate in the plan themselves. The only stakeholders Advantage is beholden to is you and your fellow members.

It’s Always Your Money

Your money stays protected in the trust until you need it – for routine checkups, prescriptions and medical procedures. And every dollar saved keeps costs lower.

Great Care at Better Prices

Search & Compare Prices

With traditional insurance, you don’t know the price until you get the bill. But Advantage is all about transparency. That’s why we’ve partnered with Healthcare Bluebook, where you can shop for care based on cost and quality.

Low-Cost Medical Care

Advantage connects you with doctors who offer routine medical care at a flat rate or low monthly fee. And since there’s no paperwork to file, you get more time with your doctor, better communication and more flexible care options.

Discounted SPecialists & Procedures

When you need a specialist or procedure, you can work with high-quality, reputable providers who offer their services at a deep discount – saving you up to 80% of what insurance would cost. Zero out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Trusted by the Community Bankers

Advantage is a constellation of member banks across Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. That’s more than 5,000 participating members flexing their healthcare purchasing power.
Participating Banks
Participating Members

Endorsed by CBAO | IBAT |ICBA

Good Stewardship

Since the beginning, Advantage has been administered by The Kempton Company whose dedicated team of experts provides exceptional service, support and stewardship.

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