Work From Cabin: Why Remote Work Feels Right at Home in McCurtain County

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We get it. After months of working from home, you need a change of scenery. Why not take advantage of the best part of remote work: you can do it anywhere. Especially in McCurtain County.

Here, we know a thing or two about going remote. Hidden cabins, untouched nature, and off-the-grid adventures are kind of our whole thing. 

Whether you’re looking for a few days of peace and quiet, or you’ve always dreamt of wrapping up that book on a writer’s retreat, there’s no better place than McCurtain County to set up your home office away from home.

So pack your good sweatpants. Grab your laptop, and get out of the city. Here are the top reasons you should work remotely from McCurtain County.


Workspace in the Woods

Imagine this: trading your home office for a luxury cabin. Here, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Whether you want to take your calls from a jacuzzi hot tub — or you just need a simple coffee maker and a strong WiFi connection — there’s a cabin for your work quirks. Choose from bungalows-for-one or estates big enough for your entire office. And the best part? Once you clock out, cushy king-size beds, massive TVs, and campfire-side dinners are just a few steps away. You won’t even have to put on your fancy sweatpants. 

Looking to really go remote? Hitch up the RV or grab a tent and set up shop in one of the many campgrounds in Beavers Bend State Park, Mountain Fork Park, and the Carson Creek area. Just don’t forget the internet hotspot. 

But don’t procrastinate. Our cabins and campsites fill up fast.


Endless Coffee Runs

We hear you. No coffee, no work-y. But you’ve never had a coffee break like this. Brew a cup in the cabin and check your emails as you take in the view from your porch (go ahead, bring the fancy coffee). Or start the day with a drive into town for a latte from a local coffee shop. Whatever your caffeine needs, McCurtain has options for your daily (or four times daily) jolt. 


World’s Best Coworkers

Watercooler talk is a little different in McCurtain County. In fact, the only coworkers you’ll run into here are the critters in the woods. Trade Bob from accounting for a deer who doesn’t slurp his coffee like soup. Replace nosy Nancy with a beaver who’s far too busy to give a dam about office gossip. And if you’ve been working from home with your littlest coworkers for a little too long, rest easy knowing you’ll knock out that to-do list in silence.


Epic Happy Hours

After a long day’s work, you’ll need to unwind. Log off and head into town to pick up some one-of-a-kind drinks and eats. Grab a bottle or a six-pack from our many breweries, wineries, and distilleries for happy hour back at the cabin. And don’t forget to save a few for a late-night toast around the campfire. 

Worked up an appetite? Take your pick of everything from world-renowned barbecue and gourmet pizza to down-home comfort food and tasty Tex-Mex. Most restaurants offer convenient takeout or curbside pick-up options, so you can chow down however you feel comfortable. Or maybe you’re ready to flex those newfound cooking skills you picked up while stuck at home. Don’t be afraid to fire up the grill and whip up a favorite recipe in your cabin’s giant kitchen.


Off-the-Grid Time Off

When the work day ends, you won’t have to go far for a mini vacation. Rent an ATV and blow off some steam in the Ouachita National Forest. Trade endless Zoom calls for a zipline zoom through the woods. Or get away from the grind with a guided fly fishing trip down the Lower Mountain Fork River. However you decompress, McCurtain County will put your PTO to work.

Okay, okay. The boss says it’s time to get back to business. But first, make sure to book your work-from-home-in-the-woods and #GetHereAlready.



As a county, we’re doing our part to help keep people healthy. From social distancing and keeping cabins squeaky clean, to setting up hand-washing stations, and offering To-Go services – the efforts to help you still get the most out of your time here, while being smart – are going strong.

  • Don’t travel if you’re sick or have been around someone who has been. 
  • Wash, wash, wash those hands. Soap. Water. 20 seconds. Get creative with a song choice. Follow it up with some alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover that cough. Cover that sneeze. Preferably with a tissue, then throw it away. 
  • Keep it clean. From frequently touched objects to surfaces, be sure to clean and disinfect. 
  • Put distance between yourself and other people. Something we’re all good at out here in nature.

As always, stay healthy.

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