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Decked out LOUNGE

E-gaming at The HUB means powerful gaming PCs, 4K monitors and illuminated LED desks. Come check out our gamers lounge and play!

Tournaments COMING!

VERY SOON! We will be hosting GYO tournaments for everyone from casual to elite gamers.

Popular games

Come to our gamers lounge and test your skills versus everyone else with top games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends and much more.


Join our GYO Call of Duty Social League and start competing against others every Wednesday and Saturday. Just click on the link in the header image above and join. It's free!

A LOUNGE, made with gamers in mind.

LAN parties, leveled up. We’ll spare you the jokes about leaving your parents’ basement.

Our gamers lounge is the ultimate destination to face off against other players solo, or get a team together to compete for prizes. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s set up with some of the most powerful gaming PCs and accessories, ergonomic LED lit desks – and gaming chairs made for hours of throwing down (back support is important, obviously).